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There are three key components in interior decorating, floors, walls, and windows. Windows are a great place to start and build from that design element throughout the room. Give us a call on 011 394 0472

Beyond framing the windows, curtains add colour and texture which are two key components of design. They can change the look and the feel of a room, almost instantaneously. From a practical standpoint they help maintain room temperatures and provide privacy.

All our curtains are custom made to suite your personality and style, from very ornate to simple and smart.

We’d like to suggest that you get your curtains first. It is much easier to paint afterwards when you have decided how to handle one of your key room elements, the window.

Go for a Blockout curtain as it will do the best job. It will be better at Blocking out the noise than a translucent version. The Blockout version is also excellent at keeping out the light and the heat. If you don’t have noise or heat issues and still want light to filter through your fabric then we suggest choosing a translucent fabric.

Yes, it is, so long as we have not started making the order, anything is possible! We will endeavor to do our best, however if the job is already cut and in production, it is hard to make your curtains bigger or longer. However, we are able to trim most curtains down for a small charge.

Anything that is called “Blockout” on our website is 100% Blockout. This means that no sun will pass through the fabric. As most curtains are face mounted, you normally will not have any light gaps unless the track is mounted too low. For this reason, Blockout curtains are excellent at keeping out the light and also the heat.

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