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Rejuvenate Your Curtains

To clean your curtains can be a daunting task, we here at Active take the hassle out of the cleaning.

One of the things that you might overlook when it comes to curtain cleaning is that your Curtains withstand heat, cold, dirt, direct sunlight and often attract a lot of allergens and dust. These are the two main causes of allergic reactions such as sneezing, coughing or runny noses.

We recommend cleaning your curtains every 12 – 18 months
• We offer an off-site cleaning service as it gives you a much more thorough clean and crisp end-result,
• when our team collects your curtains, each curtain will be assessed for marks, tears or any defects and it will be noted
• In our workshop your curtains will be hung, and the appropriate cleaning method will be identified
• Most of the time we use a wet method with a very gentle cleaning detergent
• Some fabric will require a steam cleaning process

While your curtains are in for cleaning, we will attend to minor repairs – like re-hemming, repairing pleats, replacing hook & loops where needed.

If the linings of your curtains are damaged badly by the sun we will quote you to reline your curtains.

Our professional curtain installer will be at your service to rehang your curtains and steam where needed.

They will also attend to general TLC to the hardware, for example – replacing broken endcaps, adding missing runners etc


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We offer a free on-site, Show room visit or Virtual consultation which will give us a broad understanding of your unique Décor requirements and needs.
The Added Benefit

Rejuvenate Your Curtains

ADDED BENEFIT – During the cleaning process you will be provided with loan curtains for the windows that need privacy at no extra charge Items we clean include: Loose area rugs, heavy curtains, sheer curtains, block out curtains, pelmets and flaps, roman blinds, mattresses. Some other items on special request will be considered.
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