Curtains & accessories play a major role in interior decorating

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Our Curtain Range

Our Custom made curtains are handcrafted to fit your specific requirements and we take great care in recommending the right looks for your home or space, curtains & accessories play a major role in interior decorating as they add color, texture and pattern to your living or workspace, they can soften or emphasize the architectural qualities of a room and provide a sense of warmth.

You are able to choose from a wide selection of fabrics from sheers to self-lined including all types of linings, color and pattern to enable you to decorate your windows in keeping with your interior décor.
Have a look at our gallery or schedule a visit in our showroom to see some of the different styles we can provide.

Taking window décor to the next level.


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We offer a free on-site or Virtual consultation which will give us a broad understanding of your unique Décor requirements and needs.
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